London: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba exchanged few words during training as the former was convinced that the star player had made a joke out of their team's penalty shootout defeat against Derby County in the League Cup, on his Instagram story, on Tuesday night.

This happened at the club's Carrington base, on Wednesday night, which forced the manager to strip Pogba of vice-captaincy.

The clash between Mourinho and Pogba was captured by the Sky Sports cameras, and media officer John Allen was also involved, according to reports in the British media. The Guardian said that the duo had “unhappy words”.

In the 30-second footage shared by Sky Sports on its Twitter page, Pogba is seen giving a high-five to coach Michael Carrick and after that shakes Allen’s hand. Mourinho, who was standing there, says something to Pogba.

Sources revealed that the manager was worried about the particular social media mock approach, which was posted at around 10.25 pm. The video showed that Pogba was sharing a laugh with Andreas Pereira and Luke Shaw, at Old Trafford, while witnessing the tie.

The video was posted a little later which became a growing concern for the team. However, Pogba invalidated Mourinho’s complains, wherein they sought Allen to clear the air of confusion.

As per reports, the authorities of the club have completely put their faith in Mourinho and don’t even have a reason to persuade him to be lenient on Pogba.