New Delhi: Stating that India were “far better” than England in the ongoing five-Test series, legendary all-rounder Kapil Dev said he wants to focus on the positive things rather than worry too much about the results.

England won the fourth Test by 60 runs in Southampton on Sunday to claim the Pataudi Trophy 3-1. The fifth and final Test starts in London on September 7.

Kapil, who led India to a Test series win in England in 1986, in an interview with MyNation, analysed Virat Kohli-led side’s performances in England and also shared his views on Asian Games 2018, this month’s Asia Cup and other things.


MyNation: Our athletes have made India proud in the Asian Games in Indonesia and now more steps are taken to help our athletes. How do you look at that?

Kapil Dev: When we look at the sporting countries, it is important to have events like these. If more events happen then Indian youth will have more confidence.

MN: Your thoughts on India's performance in England where the team lost the five-Test series 1-3?

Kapil: We lost the series as they played better.

MN: India lost a Test series in England in 2011, 2014 and now. What needs to be done to win?

Kapil: Yes, we can (win). I think we simply have to look at what positive things can we take from this series. I think they have played much better than us, even though I still believe our team was far better but the results were not on our side.

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MN: India’s bowling attack has been very good in England but the batsmen, apart from Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara, did not show enough grit and determination. Do you agree?

Kapil: I think if all the things had gone our way then we would have won in England. But, you must give credit to them as they played better than us.

MN: In the South African series earlier this year, India continuously challenged the opposition in their conditions. Are there some parallels that can be drawn  between South Africa and England tours?

Kapil: I think you have to learn from your mistakes. The only way you can become the best team is if you don't make mistakes more often and in this series too, if you look back at the four Tests, a lot of times, India were very close to almost finishing the matches but allowed England to bounce back.

MN: Questions have been asked about captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri’s decisions. Should Shastri have been more proactive?

Kapil: I think after every match, it is easy to talk about that (decision-making). I never like talking about that. What has gone by is gone by and the only thing that matters is what more we can learn from this tour.

MN: Should India never have played with a half-injured or a semi-fit player?

Kapil: I can't really say anything about that as the team management decides what is best.

MN: R Ashwin did not seem to be fully fit in the match and that showed when Moeen Ali took nine wickets but he struggled. What do you have to say about this?

Kapil: It's a team game and you don't expect everybody to do well.

MN: Why is Ravindra Jadeja not given a chance in the series so far?

Kapil: How do I know that.

MN: The critics feel that the performances in England have given confidence to the Indian team for the Australian tour later this year. Do you feel so?

Kapil: I am more concerned about this tour and the next Test match, which is more important to me. You just have to make sure that every Test you play, you try to win it.

MN: Are we, as a nation, prepared to lose a match against Pakistan in Asia Cup since Virat Kohli is rested and without him the team is weakened?

Kapil: I don't believe it that way. It's a team game. Yes there is an important player and you rely on important players. But if you start depending on one player, whenever you do that, you cannot win a series or a tournament. Yes, a few players are important but collectively you have to play like a team.