After a hard-fought victory over India in the first Test in Birmingham, England cricketers were seen unwinding playing golf.

Team’s senior bowlers James Anderson and Stuart Broad indulged in a game of golf and the former survived an injury scare.

In what could be termed as a divine indication that Anderson should stick to cricket, the 36-year-old fast bowler hurt himself in the face while playing golf.

His fellow team-mate and golf competitor Broad uploaded a video on social media which showed Anderson hitting a golf ball and sustaining a minor injury as he smacked the club, in the follow through, onto his face.


The right-arm paceman, known for his swing bowling, could not master the swing of the golf club!

Anderson took four wickets in the first Test and was crucial in England's 31-run win against India.

In response to the fans’ concerns, Broad stated that his new ball partner was alright.

This fun filled, light hearted relaxing day could have ended on a disastrous note for England’s leading wicket-taker in Test cricket. But fortunately it was all fine in the end.

India and England will compete at Lord’s in the second Test from 9 August.