New Delhi: Like any other Bengali, former India captain Sourav Ganguly too eagerly waited for the Durga Puja days throughout the year.

Recalling those days, Ganguly told Zee media, “Those days were really frustrating. I used to call my parents and enquire about the puja decorations and the festive mood. Now I see the same feeling in my daughter Sana.”

With stardom came a change in his way of celebrating Durga Puja. Being unable to go pandal hopping anymore like he did in his childhood and early youth days, Ganguly said, “I really miss those days. The puja days I used to spend day and night in the pandal, without caring for the scolding of my parents. The Dhaki (the drummer) of our Barisha Pandal is coming for the last 30 years. I have seen him getting old year by year. Even I used to play the Dhaks regularly.”


Ganguly, who led India to 2003 World Cup final, explained how the sound of ‘Dhak’ used to drag him to the neighboring Barisha Sporting puja pandal and how he never knew when the puja days would pass by.

When asked if any puja day had become special for him as it mostly turns out to be for the Bengali youths, he broke into laughter and said, “Never had the courage to enjoy the romantic air in puja. Then, parents used to keep a close watch on me, and now daughter Sana. You know, the girls are always more caring and watchful.”