The massive momentum and the crazy growth levels a few industries have attained in all these years can be attributed to a myriad of factors. Some say it is due to the increased adoption of the latest tech trends across industries, while a few others say that it is because of the relentless passion, drive and commitment of professionals, founders, creators and others in their niches. However, a handful of experts opine that a combination of both has what led most industries to where they stand today.

Similar is the opinion of one such self-driven and highly determined professional, an expert and analyst in Fantasy Cricket named Anurag Dwivedi. He is the one who never considered his young age as an obstacle; instead, he chose to inspire others by achieving gigantically at only 23 years of age. The Lucknow talent has remained steadfast in achieving his goals and visions in life, so much so that today he has created a net worth of crores of rupees in his early twenties.

Anurag Dwivedi started with a few bucks in his pocket, and now, when he looks back, he feels he has indeed come a long way. Having said that, he also highlights how all this is just the beginning for him, and there are miles to go yet to achieve much more.

Being an ardent cricket fan and fanatic, there was no other niche he wanted to be in. Hence, he made Fantasy Cricket his playground and made “runs” in the form of income and profits that stunned everyone around the world.

He loves giving guidance and advice to others on YouTube with his channel, which has already surpassed the 3 million subscribers mark and is still growing. Not just through Fantasy Cricket as an expert, he earns massively through his social media channels as well through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Facebook.

Anurag Dwivedi (@anuragxcricket) says that if a small-town guy like him at such a young age can achieve this, anyone and everyone can; they only have to dream big, put in massive efforts and believe in themselves.

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