Post the finals of the Asia Cup 2018 between India and Bangladesh, a disappointed Bangladeshi hacker community named Cyber Security & Intelligence (CSI) hacked into Virat Kohli's official website.

The group went on to post pictures to protest against the unfair decision by the umpire in the Asia Cup finals in which MS Dhoni stumped Liton Das after he scored 121 runs off 117 deliveries. The dismissal in the 41st over of the match was approved by the umpires which left Bangladesh reeling at 188 for 6. This resulted in them ending up with 222 on the board and India went on to clinch their seventh Asia Cup title.

The dismissal remained the talking point with replays from multiple angles showing that Kohli's foot was probably just on the line. Though it was a difficult decision, the umpire’s decision remained final as per rules.

"Dear ICC, didn't cricket use to be a gentlemen's game? Shouldn't every team have fair rights? Please explain how it was out? If you don't officially apologise to the whole world and take actions against the umpire, then get ready to be hacked every single time you recover the site. And my fellow Indian brothers and sisters, we mean no disrespect to you guys. Please think about it. How would you feel if injustice was done with your team? Every single national team should be treated equally in the game (SIC)," read the message from the hacking group.

Fans also took to Twitter to vent out their anger and went on to call the ICC as Indian Cricket Council following the defeat.
This is not the first time Bangladeshi fans have vented out their anger post a defeat. During the 2015 World Cup, Rohit Sharma was caught off a waist-high full toss. However, this was called a 'no-ball' and Rohit went on to score a match-winning century. This eventually resulted in India knocking off Bangladesh in the quarter-finals in Melbourne.

Following the defeat, Bangladeshi fans expressed their frustration on various social media platforms and also accused Indians of buying off umpires.

Since then, a strong sense of anger has always been felt among the fans and has also given rise to the rivalry between the two sides.