Former Indian hockey team captain Sardar Singh has been working very hard to get back in shape and his efforts have resulted in him overtaking Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli.

Yes, Sardar has beaten Kohli, one of the fittest athletes in the world. He has bettered the Delhi batsman’s yo-yo test score.

Sardar was dropped from the national team by ex-coach Sjoerd Marine because of lack of speed on the field.

After being left out of the Indian side for the first time in a decade, Sardar realised that he had to work hard to reclaim his spot.

Ever since, he has been trying to improve his skills by undergoing intense training, so that no fingers are pointed at him. He wanted to prove that he deserves to wear he India blue jersey again.

He was picked for this month's Asian Games in Indonesia. He was asked to make a comeback to the national team by current coach Harendra Singh, who feels he is important.

However, Sardar required no sympathy but just wanted to be judged based on his performance. He did not even go for hockey training for months so that he can completely focus on his physical training emphasising on his stamina and pace.

His primary concerns were his legs, wrists, forearms and chest. He has cut down on his rich food intake and also changed his daily food habits.

He scored 21.4 in the yo-yo test beating his previous score of 21.3. What is significant is that Sardar managed to beat Kohli's score, which is 19.

Indian cricketers have to achieve a minimum score of 16.1 in yo-yo tests to play for the national team.


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