Bengaluru: Shakeela biopic director Indrajit Lankesh gave his views on the casting couch scenario in the Indian film industry. He also gave n update on his exciting upcoming biopic on the life of the 1990s actress, Shakeela.

The Me Too movement brought a number of casting couch stories out into the public’s view. While speaking about it, Lankesh said, “I am in fact supporting the Me Too movement. And casting couch exists as far as I know after reading all these articles. And it has been exposed.”

Lankesh went on to speak about the change in the attitude of women in the film industry, where they are coming forward and talking about it. He believes that such scenarios will not happen in the future.

“But in a larger picture, not just in the movie industry or film industry, but also in the other walks of life as well, women should be given equal platforms. It is not being given, especially in villages and in smaller districts and towns. They have to be given an equal platform.”

There were no recent updates shared about his Richa Chadda starrer biopic on the life of Shakeela, an Indian film actress who predominantly acted in Malayalam films. She is a former glamour model as well.

 “Actually, we are having an international cut. So, that is the reason why we do not want to promote it beforehand. We are having the international cut with one of the leading editors in the world. His name is Ballu, who has edited Dangal, Jodhaa Akbar, Lagaan before. So he needed time to edit this film.”

The filmmaker said that they are not announcing the release date for the film yet, but will be announcing it in a month or two. “We are taking our own time because it is a women-centric film and we want it to be the best possible cut.”

Indrajit Lankesh was a guest at Times She UNLTD. Entrepreneur Awards 2019.