New Delhi: Pakistan continues to send spies to check the preparedness of the Indian security forces deployed on the international border in the wake of the tension following the Pulwama terrorist attack and India's retaliatory air strikes in Balakot. 

The Border Security Force (BSF) on Wednesday detained a 50-year-old person, who crossed the border from Pakistan’s side at the Rann of Kutch. The BSF, however, said that nothing has been recovered from his possession.

“On Wednesday morning, in the wee hours, BSF troopers apprehended a person coming from the Pakistan side in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, in the aligment of boundary pillar 1050. Nothing has been recovered from is possession. Questioning is on,” BSF said.

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This is the fourth person who has been arrested in past three days for 'suspicious' activities. Three people were detained on Monday over suspicious activities. They were allegedly clicking pictures from their mobile phones. According to sources, the detained people were also recording videos of a BSF patrol team near the international border in Rajasthan's Jaisalmer.

The detained people were identified as Sarjeet (55), his son Rajpal (25) from Sri Ganganagar, and Mitthu Lal Bheel (30) from Mohangarh.

“We have asked local residents living in villages to keep an eye on suspicious people trying to record details of security force deployments. There has been a rise in incidents of intrusion from Pakistan’s side since the Balakot air strikes. We have increased patrolling and staff (deployment) at the border.” A BSF official said.

Meanwhile, residents of the Meghpura-Radosan village, which is very close to zero line at the international border are keeping lights off given the increased tension.

Sources have also confirmed that the Pakistani forces are also using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in order to collect information on the preparedness of the Indian security forces. So far two drones have been shot down by India. These drones were sent by Pakistan to record deployment of forces along the India-Pakistan border.