New Delhi: Setting an example for thousands of youth in the Kashmir Valley, a teenager, Irfan Ramzan Sheikh, saved his family members from three armed terrorists.

During the intervening night of October 16-17, 2017, three militants cordoned off the house of Mohd Ramzan Sheikh, a political activist in Jammu and Kashmir. His elder son Irfan, who was then 14-years-old, spotted the terrorists when he opened the door of his house.

He found three militants in the verandah of the house armed with AK series rifles and grenades. He immediately sensed that the terrorists could harm his family and without caring for his life, he pounced on them. 

Meanwhile, his father came out from the house and the militants attacked him, resulting in a scuffle.

Irfan did not budge and he kept using all his might to stop the terrorists from attacking his father. 

Following the scrimmages, the militants resorted to indiscriminate firing, in which Irfan’s father was severely injured. However, the teenager did not lose courage and continued to engage in the scuffle. One of the militants was also injured in the firing. 

On seeing one of their associates injured, the militants tried to flee away. Irfan further chased them away. 

For exhibited such extraordinary bravery at such a young age and foiling an attack by the militants, Irfan, who is now 17, was bestowed with the Shaurya Chakra by President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday.