Bengaluru:  We continue to unearth the nefarious ways of the doxxers. 

Our social media is being flooded with replies asking to take cognizance of myriad people who take pleasure at the pain of fellow Indians being doxed. 


The wicked act doesn’t limit itself to doxxing. As elucidated by the following tweet, they latch on to anything that is anti-India and gives them enormous joy. 


It all boils down to fixing NRIs as they feel helpless and face the consequences as they are targeted. 

Some lose their jobs, some others are deported while some others are fined and maybe, in extreme cases, jailed as well. 

There is very well-placed mechanism in place in order to target these NRIs. People sitting in India introduce themselves to journalists sitting abroad and openly declare their intention of exposing the NRIs. Once the contact is established, information about these NRIs is given out on social media. And then, people in foreign countries who act as an extension to the ones sitting in India take up the matter and file cases against them or alert the employers of these NRIs. 

Once the employers are apprised of the issue, they are forced to take action in accordance with the local laws. 

In many a case, the addresses/emailids/twitter handles of the employers/police officers/foreign affairs officials are also displayed. The doxxers urge and exhort others to join them in their uholy act of targeting fellow Indians.