Bengaluru: In our endeavour to bring to fore many doxxers who endanger the lives of NRIs, we came across another tweet which informed us of how a Kerala man was hit as he supported PM Narendra Modi in Kuwait. 

The tweet read: “Keralites Abusing & slapping another Malayali Hindu because he shared a post supporting @narendramodi. And it wasn't even an offensive post!! He is in Kuwait. Are you guys going to let this go?”


He was even made to apologise for his stance. 


And what was the post put up? 


Doxxing is a terrible act in which the private details of an individual are put up in order to endanger their lives. 

NRIs are the usual targets as they put up tweets as they speak out their mind relating to many issues. 

And once they put out tweets, people who keep searching for such tweets dig up their personal and professional information, put it up on social media and even report it to officials of other countries. 

They seek the expulsion of NRIs, their deportation and strict punishment as well. 

Well, our endeavour is not to make anything communal or target any religion. 

What we are doing is to collect information on those who doxx NRIs and how the NRIs are put to a corner, unable to come to terms with the way they have been reported. 

We must also tell you that people sitting in India write to journalists abroad, seek their address and cooperation in order to report about NRIs there and get them arraigned.  

There seems to be a well-oiled machinery in place to target NRIs. 

Coming back to the issue of this Kuwati Malayali being beaten up, as it is stated, it is not even an offensive post put up. It is about an elected Indian Prime Minister. 

Who will give them justice?