Bengaluru: In our continued series on exposing those who doxx fellow Indians and endanger them and their lives, we came across a tweet by ‘I support Tablighi Jamaat’ (@new_shahbazkhan) which cast aspersions on an Indian solider for expressing his views. 


Not just that, the user has also published his FB account. 

And as his tweet gained traction, there were several who threw their weight behind the army man. 


The user doesn’t limit himself to commandoes. He has also doxxed others for their freedom of speech and expression. 



While we went on ferreting for more such mischief, we came across another tweet of his in which he has targeted a person by name Jeuti Baraman who lives in UAE. He has even published the FB account of the person. The user goes on to say that she is spreading hatred & lies about Muslims and instigating violence against Muslim community in India.


Doxxing refers to the act of putting out sensitive information about individuals on the internet and gunning for their heads. 

It is nothing less that shocking and sad and even shameful that such people resort to targeting Indian commandoes and even NRIs, sitting in India. 

Well, it is certainly not about any religion or communalism we are writing about. All that we are doing is to expose these doxxers who may derive a sense of contentment and satisfaction by endangering the lives of other citizens. 

Even when it comes to the issue of Tablighi Jamaat, all that is being done is to highlight the hostility and non-cooperation of the attendees. They are being seen as violators and not as anyone belonging to any particular faith or religion. 

It is also pertinent to note that there were media reports that Tablighis misbehaved on many instances. 

But the focus in on the violation they made and not their religions. That is the reiteration.