Bengaluru: In our continued series on bringing to fore the heinous act of doxxing NRIs and the ones who doxx, here is one tweet that gives us screenshots of many doxxers.


NRIs in the Gulf countries have been at the receiving end because they have dared to say what they have felt like.

Because of their courage to speak their mind out and exercise their right to speak, some doxxers have disdainfully put out their information out on social media. Some of them have advocated their punishment by tagging their information to police authorities and others in the countries the NRIs live.

As a consequence, these doxxed NRIs are terminated, while some others are fined or even deported in some other cases. In the worst case scenario, some are even jailed.

Strangely, even innocuous tweets and harmless memes can be used as an effective tool to target NRIs.

So an opinion on Tablighi markaz event in New Delhi with no mention of their religion or a caricature or cartoon with a skull cap can be good enough material to indict and incriminate NRIs.  

Sadly, the trend has now moved from the Gulf countries to Canada as well.

An Indian-origin man, who expressed his views on permission being granted for azaan, got doxxed and was immediately suspended from service.

He is now fighting his suspension legally.

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However, we maintain that our series on doxxing is not an exercise in spreading communalism or inciting tempers.

We only intend to expose doxxers and exhibit their hate for the NRIs, as also how they hound and harass them in order to further their agenda of checkmating them.

As per Indian laws, these doxxers can be arraigned in courts.

We hope to teach them a befitting lesson.