Bengaluru: One of the worst things to happen for an Indian abroad is to get doxxed. Putting out a tweet against him, calling him for his views or expressions on different issues and advocating his expulsion or deportation can be devastating.

In response to our appeal on social media to share screenshots of getting doxxed, a twitter user by the name Fighter 7864 sent us screenshots of a Twitter user by name Muneeb. It was added that he stays either in India or Australia and has removed many innocent Hindus from many Arab countries.

The user has also asked us to get him punished.

In his posts, he has targeted Sudhir Birodkar, an employee of IBM. And in another, he targets a professor by name Nandkum Moorkat. He openly bats for his deportation.

He goes on to target another Indian living in New York.


As MyNation went on studying his tweets, we came across another shocking one! This time, he rued the fact that “Middle East was oblivious to what was happening in India is our Colossal  failure as Indian Muslims.”


Well, at a time when the entire globe is standing as one and trying its best to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, such tweets, calling for punishment to Indians living abroad, or advocating their deportation have the potential to hamper relations between countries.

And to be more frank, such tweets which profile an individual and put his details on social media, thereby publicising his details, only end up making these individuals a soft target.

For Muneeb, who resides either in Mumbai or Australia, he doesn’t understand the pains and privations of these Hindus who would have worked terribly hard to reach the position they are.

To penalise and corner them using the laws of the countries they live in is certainly no good news. 

Sadly, these targeted individuals are forced to endure unimaginable misery.