Bengaluru: Well, as we continue to write against doxxers and their mala fide intentions to put NRIs into trouble, we came across another twitter handle @NRIbhaktbusters.

By the time we visited his account, we got a message saying the account doesn’t exist! Clearly, the user had understood he had been called out!


But we managed to somehow lay hands to some tweets of the user, exposing the private information of others.

He had put out the information of an NRI by name Sudhanshu and pieces of information relating to his profession. He had even urged Qatar Airways to take action.


So what had Sudhanshu put? Well, he had said that “big rallies for the funeral of Tiger Memon and Afzal Guru with the backing of traitors in our country…”



This is just one of the many doxxers who we have managed to expose. Sitting in India or elsewhere, they have the temerity to publish the private information of fellow Indians and put them into trouble.

In fact, they also go to the extent of reporting them to the authorities of foreign countries and seek their punishment.

And, truth be said, in most cases, many posts do not have any information that is against any religion. It would just be some lamentation. But to take that as an insult and jeopardise the career of NRIs who would have meticulously worked their position to such countries is just cheap and extremely sadistic.

As we have mentioned earlier in several of our posts, such doxxing is punishable under Indian laws.
 We are painstakingly trying hard to piece together information about the hapless victims, the trauma they have to go through. But as of now, no such information is available.

But our efforts to expose such evil-minded human beings continue.