Bengaluru: A myriad articles have been written on how NRIs have been doxxed. And as a consequence, they have had to face consequences of the law. Some have been terminated. Some others have been forced to take salary cuts while some have even been deported. 

In our continued coverage on the disgusting act of doxxing, we came across another tweet. 

Here is the tweet: 


Here is another tweet: 


It is disheartening to say that a myriad NRIs have been doxxed by men and women sitting in India, in connivance with those locals of the countries these doxxers target. 

So in your list, you can add dance trainers, people working in the aviation sector and hospitality industry and those in the IT field as well. 

The modus operandi of these sadistic creatures is well-documented. 

First, they strike a rapport with the locals of other countries. They then openly declare their intention of targeting NRIs and even call them names. 

Once the emails are obtained, they establish a connection and intimate them about NRIs and their posts. 

In this way, they have targeted several Indians abroad. 

It is saddening that Indian expats are forced to go through hell for their posts in which they would have expressed their opinions in no uncertain terms.

In some cases, as doxxers report them to their employers for innocuous and harmless tweets, they face harsh punitive measures.

What makes matters worse is how some also put out tweets proclaiming their achievement on getting the targets expelled or punished. 

What is also strange is how NRIs are targeted for their views on coronavirus spread in India. For example, if Tablighis are blamed, it is assumed that people of a particular community are being targeted and they take offence to it. 

In reality, it is just the group sans their religions that are being pulled up.