Bengaluru: We have written several articles bringing to you how doxxers have gone out of their way to insult, abuse and even get NRIs expelled, arraigned and deported as well.

But still, we have enough content to go on writing perennially. That should speak volumes about the gargantuan number of doxxers who sit in the comfort of their homes and make life miserable for NRIs.

The latest in the list is a twitter handle @DilMeHindustan. The user has trained guns at another account with the handle @brahminical_boi. 

Look at the tweet here.


The hate is so phenomenal! The twitter user exhorts people in Doha to identify RSS-inclined individuals in Doha.

The user has also tagged another twitter user @Abd_el_kaderr who lives in Qatar. We were shocked as to how someone could have links with such people who could destroy and demolish Indian lives.

And one look at his tweets, you will shudder, literally!

He writes, “Every year, more than 55 billion $ are transferred to India from the Gulf countries. Indians (mostly Hindus) are treated well in these countries. In return, RSS(Hindutva) designed to capture Dubai and Saudi Arab.”


In another tweet, he writes, “We call on international organizations, especially the United Nations, the Security Council, the Organization of islamic cooperation and all human rights organizations,to intervene immediately to stop the violations committed against our Muslim brothers India #India.”


It is shameful and shocking that sitting in foreign countries, characters like him put India in a bad light.

India is a garden with a lot of religions, faiths and beliefs as its flowers. It has always remained a wonderful garden and the fragrance of its flowers can’t be stolen nor be blemished.

It pains us all the more because people in India have developed contacts with these people and contribute generously for maligning India and doxxing their countrymen.