Bengaluru: For a long time, we have been reporting on the issue of doxxing.  

The more we write, the more instances come up. I our latest, we found a person by name Farzan Siddakatte.

Here is the tweet:


Doxxing is an act in which the private details of an individual are put out on social media with a malicious intent to humiliate them and then, get them penalized for an action with the doxxers think is reprehensible.

The views expressed by the ones who are doxed can be on various issues. But the doxxers choose only those tweets that fit their narrative of hate and target the doxxers.

These helpless doxxers can be dance trainers, people in the IT field, those working in the aviation sector among others.

With the help of a well-placed machinery, locals get in touch with journalists or others with a similar bent of mind and openly bat against individuals who put out tweets in an aggressive manner.

With their connivance, the ones that are targeted are easily identified and their information displayed. The doxxers openly advocate their ouster from companies, fine, deportation among others.

In one of the instances we reported, an Indian-origin man in Canada was also doxed for his views on permitting azaan. As soon as the news of his views went viral, his company sacked him, not even giving him an opportunity to explain his side of the story (as alleged by him).

In the last fortnight or so, three Indians were punished for their views on a sensitive matter. And the list goes on!

However, from our side, we are only reporting how doxxers derive a sense of thrill and gratification by jeopardizing the careers of others.

We have never made it a communal issue at any cost.