Bengaluru: We have given you umpteen articles on how NRIs have been targeted as they have expressed their views on issues they consider sensitive. 

We have also exposed a million doxxers, some of whom stay in India, some in the Gulf countries and some even in Australia. 

We have also told you there is a robust network in place that works systematically by collecting details of NRIs and publishing them on social media, later asking for their punishment. 

But here is one interesting case we have found out. A Congress social media activist Andria D’souza was also caught doxxing NRIs! 

In our appeal to send screenshots corroborating doxxing of Indians, we got to know that she has doxxed Rakesh B Kitturmath! 

Here is the tweet: 


This is shocking, isn’t it? A person who claims to be a Congress activist openly bats against an Indian for his views. 

Rakesh B Kitturmath, against whom she reported, worked as a team leader at Emrill Services, an integrated facilities management (FM) headquartered in Dubai. As reported by PTI, he was sacked for his views. 

As per the report dated April 10, Stuart Harrison, CEO of Emrill Services in which Rakesh worked, had said, “Kitturmath's employment stands terminated with immediate effect. He will be handed over to Dubai Police.” 

What doxxing does is snatch the livelihoods of NRIs who would be put up in foreign countries, pursuing their dreams. 

Doxxers like this Congress activist who report Indians abroad do not realise the gravity of the act they do. 

Rakesh happens to be one of the many who have had to face this fate. There have been dance trainers, Indians employed in the aviation sector and cleaning services too have been reported for their views. 

But these doxxers can be punished under Indian laws.