Bengaluru: It is such a sad state of affairs, isn’t it?  You bay for the blood of fellow Indians and have a hearty laugh at their helplessness.

As we went on ferreting our replies for the appeal that we had put out on twitter, we came across those who had archived as many as six handles who doxx people.


Here is a tweet of one of the six handles.

In simple terms, it is all about making the lives of the NRIs hellish by displaying their information on the social media and targeting them.

These NRIs who are doxxed include dance trainers, personnel working in the aviation sector, IT field among others.

These NRIs would have had spoken on sensitive issues, but little would they have expected that they would be targeted for speaking their mind out.

The issue could be on coronavirus and how it has been spread.

Focusing on these sensitive issues, doxxers train their guns at them by reporting them to their employers and making sure they are penalized.

There would be an open exhortation for locals in other countries to report the NRIs.

Some of them openly urge others to join them in hounding and harassing NRIs by creating google sheets and giving access to it in order to maintain an inventory of those

NRIs who dare to speak their mind out.

It would be of pertinence when we say that we are not trying to make this issue communal. All that we are doing is to expose those who derive this thrill by putting an end to the careers of fellow Indians abroad.
As we have written in our earlier articles, several NRIs have lost their jobs as a punitive measure for being doxxed.
MyNation will continue to report such doxxers and their mentality in our series.