Vijayawada: The YSRCP and TDP have been at loggerheads for quite a while now and the political rivalry has taken a new turn and this Guntur villager has paid the price.

YSRCP worker at a village in Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) constructed a wall across a road to prevent TDP workers from using it. Police had to be called in to control the situation.

A three-foot wall blocking the village thoroughfare in Guntur district hit headlines. The incident had a caste angle as majority of TDP supporters belong to the upper castes, while YSRCP supporters belong to scheduled castes.

Police had to hold a peace meeting between TDP and YSRCP groups.

The YSRCP members claimed that the wall was built to prevent encroachment by the TDP. However, TDP claimed that the road belonged to revenue department and was in use for the past 80 years.

The police have now kept the land away from the public, while referring the claims to the revenue department.

Guntur district has seen several incidents of demolitions of flag posts, party arches and even attack on political opponents.

In another incident, YSRCP workers in Prakasam district dug up a cement road that had been recently laid by the previous TDP government. The road was dug up simply because the people using that road had not voted for YSRCP in the assembly polls.

The road was laid at Muslim Colony just ten months ago but was dug up as the residents allegedly supported TDP candidate. A police complaint has been lodged in this regard.

Situation at villages like Manchikallu, Pinneli, Manchavaram Mutyalampadu and Tangeda villages turned tense as local TDP leaders fled out of fear of attacks.

It is estimated that as many as 70 families in Pinneli supported the TDP in the recent elections. They are now looking for shelter in other areas.

Just due to election results, as many as 15 cases have been registered in the area. It has also been the reason why as many as 40 people have been left with injuries.