Secunderabad: Krishank Manne, well known as the Congress spokesperson from Telangana, has quit the party, and how! Before resigning, a furious Krishank Manne set fire to the Congress party flag and other campaign materials.

Speaking to MyNation, Manne recounted his days of taking the bullet for the Congress, but went on to say that his work was never recognised.

“I had fully involved myself in politics. I know no other profession, I just wanted to serve the people. The Congress would extract work from me, but would never give me a ticket,” said Krishank Manne.

Manne went on to recall the days when he bore the insults he had faced and still served the party as he normally would.

“There were days when they would speak badly, but I would bear with them and work my way,” added Manne.

Speaking about luring him with tickets, Manne said that in 2014, the Congress announced a ticket for him only to retract a couple of days later.

“I still never gave up. I continued to work, but their attitude was not right. Others who have political power in the party have an advantage. The ones with no godfather in the field have to struggle every step of the way,” said Manne.

In addition to that, Manne stated that youngsters are always sidelined in the party. Upon being questioned about Rahul Gandhi’s claims of supporting the youth, Manne said, “Everything will be spoken about. But nothing will be executed.”

On the same lines, Manne highlighted that Rahul Gandhi had spoken at great lengths about women empowerment. “But has he given any ticket to a woman?” questioned Krishank Manne.

Krishank Manne also alleged that Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president Uttam Kumar Reddy questioned him about how many crores he can shell out in order to contest.

“He asked me how many crores I can spend to contest in this election. He also said that a ticket was not given to me because I never asked him for one. This only goes to show how there is no appreciation for real work,” stated Manne.

MyNation tried to get in touch with Uttam Kumar Reddy, who was unavailable for comments. However, Laxman Rao Goud, general secretary of the TPCC, said, “If Krishank was upset earlier, he should have spoken about it back then. Why now?”

Goud also added that no one was permitted to get a ticket, then how could Krishank be given a ticket.

Laxman Rao Goud further denied that Krishank had worked with the people. “He was only on television, he didn’t work with the people,” added Goud.

Speaking to MyNation about his next course of action, Krishank Manne said that he will be joining the Telangana Rashtra Samiti.

“I have, in the past, argued with all these people in the TRS, but I was given such a warm welcome in the party,” added Krishank Manne.