Bengaluru: Numbers indicate that the people of Hassan, Karnataka, may favour the BJP in the Lok Sabha election 2019 . With 5 lakh Vokkaliga voters out of 16,40 634 forming the bulk of JD(S)'s vote bank, the party may have thought it easy to defeat its rival, but this time, the BJP has found a dark horse - Arkalgudu Manju - another Vokkaliga, who could end up splitting the community votes. 

With 8 lakh voters of the SC/ST, Kuruba and Lingayat communities expressing unhappiness over "HD Revanna's attitude and inaccessibility", his son Prajwal Revanna may find it hard to wade through his first election battle successfully.

JD(S) has won six MLA seats and BJP has got two seats in the Assembly elections. BJP won Kadur and Hassan city, while JD(S) won in Arsikere, Holenarsipura, Belur, Shravabelgola, Sakleshpura and Arkalgudu.

According to sources, Hassan has 2 lakh Kuruba voters, who will avenge the defeat of their leader Siddaramaiah from Chamundeshwari Assembly in Mysuru. The 3 lakh Lingayat voters have been owing their allegiance to the BJP for the last 15 years after community leader BS Yeddyurappa became the deputy CM in 2006 and later the CM in 2008. With SC/STs always voting in favour of the Congress, they are now finding it difficult to accept a JD(S) candidate.

SC/ST voters are 3 lakh in number. That apart, there are 3 lakh Lingayats and 2 lakh Kurubas, make it a whopping 8 lakh in all. Out of 16,40,634 votes, sources say that over 50% voters are against the JD(S). Having pitted A Manju, another Vokkaliga, the BJP has strengthened its chance and its base, say party sources. "HD Revanna may get votes in Holenarispura segment, but voters in Arkalgudu, Hassan city and Kadur will lean towards the BJP. This election is not a one-sided battle for the JD(S) like it was earlier," said Venugopal,  general secretary,  Hassan BJP unit.

However, the JD(S) leaders remain confident and say they will retain the Hassan seat. The leaders are confident that the minor differences will be ironed out as both Siddaramaiah and HD Deve Gowda will campaign together in all the 28 Lok Sabha segments.

"The convention on March 31 is evidence of the fact that both JD(S) and the Congress will work together. HD Kumaraswamy has gone to Bidar to join Eshwar Khandre, who is filing his nomination. And Siddaramaiah will campaign for Prajwal in Hassan in the coming days. The differences are being ironed out among the cadres as well. We will win for sure," said Mohid Altaf, JD(S) minority community president.

How the numbers stand:

Total number of voters - 16,40,634

Male - 8,10,500

Female - 8,30,134

Vokkaliga - 5 lakh

Kuruba - 2 lakh

SC/ST - 3 lakh

Minorities - 1 lakh

Lingayat - 3 lakh

Other backward communities - 2.5 lakh