New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will storm back to power with 300-plus seats in the upcoming general election. The BJP will get full majority on its own and the other NDA partners will also see their seats increasing, the Prime Minister said. 

"The voters have seen and experienced the difference between 30 years of instability, and the past five years when there was a government with full majority. So the people of the country wants a government that has full majority," Modi said in an interview with Republic Bharat.   

The Prime Minister added that while he acknowledges that need for a strong opposition in a democracy, he sees no one challenging him in 2019. 

"Maybe in 2024, there emerges a person who can challenge me, but there is no challenger in 2019, because the voters have made up their minds and they are not looking for an alternate candidate," he said. 

The Prime Minister said that the mahagathbabdhan was more disunited today as compared to 2014. 

"Has there been an agreement in Andhra Pradesh, in Bengal, in Kerala, or in Odisha? Has there been an alliance with the communist parties?" Modi asked. 

"When the parties of the mahagathbandhan don't let go of any opportunity to bring each other down, how can there be an agreement after the election? How can there be a question of a post-poll alliance when the voters of the country have decided to give Narendra Modi the highest number of seats? The result is certain. The people have decided to give the NDA 300-plus seats," Modi thundered.  

The Prime Minister sounded confident that the people will support the BJP even where it is not a big player. He stated that the voters will help the BJP get over its  'weakness' in certain areas of the country. 

Modi said that the people of the country know what his policies are, what his values are, and how he works. He said that even though the NDA is sure to come back to power with even greater number of seats than 2014, he will work closely with all parties, starting from neutral ones like the TRS, to the staunch opponents like the Congress, BSP and Trinamool.   

"To run a government, all you need is a full majority, but to run a country, you need national consensus. I have tried to make it happen in the past five years. This is our philosophy — Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. The people of the country have suffered for 30 years, but have felt good over the past five years," Modi said.   

Modi castigated the opposition for alleging that the government violated the model code of conduct by announcing the success of Mission Shakti only a few weeks before the election. 

"The Congress, which has ruled the country for a long period of time and have leaders with a lot of experience, should have done its homework on this (the ASAT mission and the announcement). From the Congress's statement, it seems the party lacks even elementary knowledge of the matter. An initiative like Mission Shakti can't happen all of a sudden. The global community needs to be informed about the need for space in space, so that your rocket doesn't collide with that of aother country. That is a long-drawn process. You have to utilise the time that you get factoring in the convenience of the world community. We had this particular time. We had to take a quick decision, we could not have chosen the timing of the test," Modi explained. 

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"Suppose we are faced with a natural calamity. Will the government stop short of action saying the model code of conduct is in force? States are still presenting budgets. There were times when Republic Day and Independence Day fell when the poll code was in force. But speeches had to be given by the leaders. The opposition is ignorant," the Prime Minister said.  

Modi joked, "Will a policeman keep on watching his home being burgled because he is not on duty?"

Modi said that nobody can doubt his patriotism, for his life speaks for itself. 

"Terrorism has become a massive issue and India is playing a major role. They (the opposition) don't realise the harm that their dirty politics can do. It is a cause for grave concern. When the people showed their disapproval, these leaders had to beat a retreat. If there is substance in their allegations, they should make these poll issues. They should show that courage and let the people decide. 

"They don't have respect for our brave soldiers. The people who have been bred on the opposition's largesse see greater statesmanship in Imran Khan's statements and doubt the PM of their own country. The people of the country have to identify such elements," Modi noted. 

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The Prime Minsiter said that in the time that the opposition created 25 lakh houses, his government bulit 1.25 crore houses, and that the Modi government had provided that many gas connections in five years of its rule as provided by the Congress since independence. 

"I am open to a debate, but when I talk about development, the opposition goes to another topic. This is a government that works 24X7," Modi said. 

"Modi sarkar has provided electricity connection to nearly 2.5 crore families. Are they big industrialists? My government had built 9 crore toilets. Do they belong to Ambani and Adani? I had built 1.25 crore houses. Did I make these for the big industrialists?" he asked.  

Modi also clarified that in any election, the voter should play the central role, and it should not be held around a personality.