Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hit out at Indian Overseas Congress chief Sam Pitroda for his comment on Balakot air strike by the Indian Air Force. 

PM Modi took to Twitter to say that the opposition is insulting the forces time and again. He also urged the people to question the opposition for such statements. 

Hitting out directly at Pitroda, the Prime Minister said that the most trusted adviser of Rahul Gandhi has kick-started the Pakistan National Day celebrations on behalf of the Congress. 

Pitroda in an interview with ANI questioned the Balakot air strike saying, “If they (IAF) killed 300, it is ok. All I am saying is can you give me more facts and prove it.”

He also pointed out how International media outlets gave an alternative version of the story. 

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“I would like to know a little more because I read reports in the New York Times and other newspaper. Did we really attack? We really killed 300 people? I don’t know that. As a citizen, I am entitled to know and if in ask that doesn’t mean I am not a nationalist. We need to know the facts. When global media comes and says that nobody was killed, I look bad as an Indian citizen,” asked Pitroda.

PM Modi also criticized Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav for saying that the Pulwama martyrs were killed for votes. 

On march 21, Yadav during an event in Uttar Pradesh said, “Paramilitary forces are unhappy with the government. Soldiers were killed for votes. There was no security checking between Jammu and Srinagar. Soldiers were being transported in ordinary buses. This was a conspiracy.”

This is not the first time that the opposition is giving such insensitive remarks. Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh demanded evidence from the Centre of the Indian Air Force air strikes on Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terror camp in Balakot. 
“I am not questioning the recent IAF action against Pakistan-based terrorist camps. But pictures of any incident in open space can be accessed through satellite technology. So we should also give evidence, the way the United States government presented evidence of Osama bin Laden’s killing before the world,” he added. 

Moreover, some Congress members have also insulted the martyrs in the Pulwama attack. Congress leader and former MP Noor Bano said,“It was the duty of the forces to prevent the attack. They had the indications of an attack, then why didn't they take precautions? The armed forces are solely responsible for this attack.”

Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu also defended Pakistan and said that talks between the two countries should not stop.