New Delhi: Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman during a detailed interview with a news agency revealed her take on several burning issues. To start off, she answered on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comment on Kashmir’s resolution.

In a recent interview to group of foreign reporters, Imran had said that if the right-wing party, (BJP) wins the election (BJP), chances of resolution on Kashmir are more as Congress will be too scared to take a decision, fearing opposition protest.

She said, “Such statements come around elections. There have been many Congress leaders who went to Pakistan and said Modi hatane ke liye humari mamdad kare (Help us remove Modi). I wonder if this (Imran Khan’s statements) are also a part of the scheme of things which have been put by Congress. I don’t know what to make of this honestly.”

On Pakistan’s claim that India was planning another Balakot style airstrike between April 16 to 20, defence minister Sitharaman said, “I don’t know where he got this date, so good luck to him. God knows whatever it is but it sounded very fanciful for me and amusing.”

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Asked about the issue related to politicization of armed forces, where 150 military officers wrote a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind, Sitharaman said that the credibility of the appeal was in question with some of the retired personnel named in the letter said they “neither signed it nor were a party to it.” She further added that mentioning the strong will of the government due to Balakot air strike and Uri surgical strike does not count as politicizing.

Sitharaman also visited the hospital where Congress MP Shashi Tharoor was being treated for his head injury. While praying in a local temple, a part of the ceiling fell on him. On being asked about her visit, she said, “So I thought that it was right that I go to the hospital and wish him well. I had not informed anybody, including people in my party circles. On my way back to the airport, I thought I should visit him in the hospital and that is it.” 

Tharoor tweeted a picture too, saying, “Civility is a rare virtue in Indian politics – great to see her practice it by example!”