Bengaluru: Former Karnataka chief minister SM Krishna urged the public to cast their vote for the Narendra Modi-led BJP, two days ahead of the first phase of Lok Sabha polling in the state.

Heaping encomiums on PM Modi, Krishna told the media that India had never seen a prime minister like Modi and the way he works for 18 hours a day, simply shows his care, concern and sincerity for the nation.

“Narendra Modi works for 18 hours a day. He has no family, children or grandchildren. So he spends day and night thinking of the nation and how he can help it prosper,” he said on Tuesday in Bengaluru.

Taking jibes at the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Krishna termed him “immaturity unlimited” and added he doesn’t know how to handle things, being at the helm of affairs.

“Being in such an important position, he does things in a shambolic manner. Any person holding such a high office will ruminate over a serious issue for a long time, before issuing reactions. But he does everything in a jiffy. He needs a lot of lessons in politics,” the former external affairs minister added.

Krishna was referring to the issue of Rahul quoting the Supreme Court that it had pulled up PM Modi for his alleged favouritism to Anil Ambani in the Rafale deal. The Supreme Court has also issued a notice to Rahul in this regard.

Adding that he quit the Congress because it runs on dynasty and not on merits, Krishna urged the voters to exercise their franchise in favour of the BJP in order to see a stable, strong and decisive government in the next five years.

With first phase of elections slated for Thursday, Tuesday is the last day for campaigning. Karnataka has 28 Lok Sabha seats and 14 constituencies will vote on April 18 and the rest on April 23.