Bengaluru: With JD(S) president H Vishwanath hell-bent on his resignation and issuing a warning that he will resign as an  MLA too, the party supremo HD Deve Gowda is in no mood to allow him to step down. The rumours are that he is doing all this to join the BJP.

Sources say Vishwanath was upset with the decisions made by the coalition during Lok Sabha polls. Vishwanath reportedly was kept in the dark in terms of key decision making in the party.  He was also upset as he was kept out of the coordination committee as well. Now after the humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha election including JDS bastion Mandya and Tumakuru, he wants to resign. 

When asked about this development, Kumaraswamy's close confidante and Cooperation minister Bandeppa Kashampur said, "Vishwanath is a man with ideology. He is a gentleman. He has criticised BJP for their fascist ideology. Why will he join such a party? All these are just rumours." 

BJP which is much relieved as it managed to put up a spectacular fight and won 25 seats out of 28 in Lok Sabha elections from Karnataka, may not encourage Vishwanath as they hold a different perception about Vishwanath.

"We do not know about his intention. But we know for a fact that he is a disgruntled element."