New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not hold any press conference on April 26 as speculated in the media. The central BJP has categorically denied any such plans. 

A buzz was created after a purported copy of PM Modi's schedule was leaked that said, PM Modi will interact with the media on April 26 at 12.30 pm at Taj Ganges in Varanasi.

BJP sources have revealed that it is being probed on who published it and released it to the media. It has been ascertained that it was released from Varanasi. The copy also revealed Modi's schedule from April 25-26 and the time when he will be in his Lok Sabha constituency. 

While some are considering it as a faux pas by the local unit of BJP, some suspect foul play to embarrass the ruling party.

At 5.42 PM a message was shared with the BJP WhatsApp group saying, "There is no Press conference of Prime Minister on Apr 26 in Varanasi". Meanwhile, sources mentioned, if it is found to be the handiwork of the local unit of BJP, disciplinary actions may follow.