New Delhi: Congress leader PC Chacko is helping BJP prove its allegation of Congress being a dynastic party to be true. The senior Congress leader not only endorsed the Gandhi family as the official first family of India but also went on to surprise by saying 'India is obliged to them'. 

A known acolyte of Indira Gandhi, during her prime ministership, Dev Kant Barooah from Assam had said famously, "India is Indira, Indira is India" in 1974. By crediting the Congress first family for all the achievements of the country, Chacko took India back by 45 years. 

'India is India because of Gandhi family'

The Congress leader who is in charge of Delhi claimed, "PM Modi has (a) negative opinion for the first family of India, the first family of India is truly the first family of India. India is obliged to them." 

Chacko went on to credit Rahul Gandhi and his ancestors for India's stature and might as it enjoys today. "India is India today because of the planning and leadership of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru", claimed the Congress leader. 

Chacko went on to credit the recent space advancement to the same 'first family'. What he thought would be a retort to the PM, virtually ended up proving every allegation made by Modi. "The Prime Minister was speaking about India's adventure in space", said Chacko before virtually crediting Nehru for the ASAT test recently that made India barge into an exclusive global club where so far only three nations were members of. Talking about India, he claimed, "Everything happened during Pandit Ji's time".

Modi continues to attack 'first family'

PM Narendra Modi has time and over alleged this sycophancy in the Congress and how the Gandhi family comes before the nation for all Congressmen.

Even on the day of Chacko's remark, PM Modi made a veiled attack on the Gandhi family, saying, "Ab yeh parivar Hindustan ke raj singhasan mein baithne wale nahi hain" (This family is not going to sit on the throne of power in India). 

Earlier, in an interview Modi, tongue firmly in cheek lashed out at Rahul-Sonia. He alleged, those who ran the country for four generations, are today facing charges of financial irregularities. He was referring to the National Herald case in which many top Congress leaders including Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are accused. 

Soon after the inauguration of the National War Memorial in New Delhi, Modi lashed out at what he calls the 'First Family', while saying, "I ask you. What is more important for you? The nation or just your own family? But it has always been family for the Congress party. For me and my party [the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)], it is the nation first."

With each and every move of political leaders across party line under media scrutiny, this brazen sycophancy by the senior Congressman is claimed by BJP leaders as a vindication of its permanent stand. 

Moreover, Twitterati too rushed to point it out, much to the embarrassment of the Congress party, with the general election just knocking on the door.