Bengaluru: Rebel Congress MLA Umesh Jadhav on March 4 submitted his resignation to Karnataka Speaker Ramesh Kumar and joined the BJP to take on Congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge from Kalaburagi.

BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa also claimed that Umesh Jadhav will contest in the Lok Sabha election from the party against veteran Congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge.

According to reports, Jadhav was unhappy with the "autocratic" style of social welfare minister Priyank Kharge.

While Congress lawmaker's resignation is yet to be accepted, reports suggest that the Speaker has deliberately not accepted Jadhav's resignation. But, Jadhav is confident that the Speaker will accept his plea.

Speaking to reporters, Jadhav said, "I am confident that the Speaker will accept my resignation. The Speaker will not listen to anyone and has to accept my resignation according to law. My resignation cannot be rejected."

Speaking to MyNation, Karnataka high court's senior advocate Pramila Nesargi said, "The Speaker should accept Umesh Jadhav's resignation as he was not forced to resign by the Congress leaders. According to law, this procedure had to be completed within a day, but I'm not sure why the Speaker has put it on hold."

"Any political leader can contest in the Lok Sabha election after resigning from one party and joining the other. Even if the resignation is not accepted, the leader can contest the election," Pramila added.

Ramesh Kumar, on Tuesday, had scheduled a hearing for the four disqualified MLAs (Ramesh Jarkiholi, B Nagendra, Mahesh Kumathalli and Umesh Jadhav). The hearing came after the Congress accused the MLAs of indulging in anti-party activities. But the hearing was called off based on the speculation that the Congress leaders are planning to buy back the three leaders and convince them not to resign from the party as Jadhav had done.