Guwahati: BJP general secretary Ram Madhav has hit out at the Congress for questioning India's Balakot air strikes. Madhav said that the Congress may stand a chance to win if they contest elections in Pakistan.

"Their (Congress) leaders raised a question and expressed suspicion over the ability of our armed forces," Madhav said in Guwahati on Sunday.

“They questioned the achievements of our government and made very insulting statements on our armed forces. Their leader’s comments are more retweeted and published by the people of Pakistan than our own. The Congress may stand a chance to win elections in Pakistan if they choose to contest from there. This is the condition of our main opposition party,” Madhav fumed.

The BJP general secretary didn't stop there. He pointed out that wherever Rahul Gandhi went, people raised Narendra Modi slogans. 

"Now Priyanka Gandhi visits temples and she gets to hear 'Modi, Modi' chants there as well. The opposition (Congress) is now fighting a clueless battle. The people of the country don’t understand anything that they have to say to the country. The people of the country also don't understand if the Congress is fighting for India or for Pakistan,” Madhav continued. 


Madhav said he is confident that the BJP will sweep the general election once again. 

“The country is witnessing a (Modi) wave like 2014 and even bigger than that. This time we are putting the leadership of Narendra Modi and the report card of his government in front of the people of the country. We are a getting huge response from the public across the country. When the result of the election is declared on May 23, it will become clear that Modi will come to power once again. So we going ahead with the slogan ‘Phir Ekbaar Modi ki Sarkar’. We are going to the public with this slogan,” Madhav said.

The BJP leader added that the party is aiming to win 10 seats in Assam and at least 20 seats in the Northeast.

The election of 2019 is increasingly being fought with Pakistan as its central theme. In the aftermath of the Balakot strikes by India, many opposition leaders sought 'proof' of the extent of damage caused by the Indian jets as claimed by the government. This insistence for proof backfired and it is being used against the opposition. 

The latest to demand proof was Rahul Gandhi’s aide Sam Pitroda who undermined India’s military action against terrorism. Rahul had himself mocked the 2016 surgical strikes. Another Congress leader, Navjot Singh Sidhu called for dialogue with Pakistan immediately after the Pulwama massacre that had unmistakable links to Pakistan.  

With inputs from Hemanta Kumar Nath