During a heated debate On Saturday, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera made a remark about PM Modi on a TV channel which was mocked by the audience.

Khera claimed that MODI stood for Masood (Azhar), Osama (Bin Laden), Dawood (Ibrahim) and ISI (Pakistan’s Inter Services). His remark was condemned by the audience who stood up and said ‘shame, shame’ after being urged by the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to do so.

The BJP Twitter handle wrote: "Congress Spokesperson Pawan Khera says that MODI stands for Masood, Osama, Dawood and ISI. Do we need enemies like Pakistan when we have Congress?”

Union Minister Smriti Irani also slammed the party saying it neither ‘respected the country nor the dignity of the PM’s office’.

Nirmala Sithamaran said: "Shocking conduct by @INCIndia spokesperson. Demeaning & Disgraceful!"

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra further tweeted: “Today what the @INCIndia has said for their own Prime Minister is not only appalling,distasteful & dejecting but it in fact shows that once the largest party in India has become an irrelevant fringe today...Sad!!