Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh chief minister and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday said that the data breach was a direct attack on the state rather than on the TDP. Naidu also asserted that the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh will be a fight between the TDP and the TRS and not between the TDP and YSRC.

Addressing the media, Naidu raised the Andhra self-respect slogan by referring to the statements of his Telangana counterpart K Chandrasekhar Rao, who had made fun of it in his speeches during Telangana polls.

Throwing light on the developments related to Telangana Police conducting raids on the IT Grids, service provider of the TDP, in Hyderabad, Naidu alleged that the Telangana government committed breach of trust and created a feeling of insecurity and damaged the image of Hyderabad.

“During the elections in Telangana, KCR abused Andhras in all ways and asked the people of Telangana whether they want Andhra-ruling TDP contesting in the elections there,” Naidu said while maintaining that the TDP has been in Telangana for the last three decades.

Further attacking Telangana, Naidu demanded to know who KCR was and who gave him the right to play with Andhra Pradesh’s lives and sentiments.

Naidu also said that YSRC chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was a weak leader who was simply dancing to the tunes of KCR. Naidu went on to say that if Jagan became the CM, the state will be indirectly ruled by KCR himself.

Alleging that TRS has already gifted up to Rs.2,000 crore to YSRC for spending in elections here, Naidu said that the YSRC pledged the self-respect of people of Andhra Pradesh to the TRS for money.

Naidu questioned if the YSRC wins, then would it work for the TRS or for the people of AP? “It is time for the people of Andhra to decide whether they want the TRS or the TDP. It is they who should decide whether they stand for Andhra Pradesh or others.’’

Pointing out that it was he who took the initiative for resolving issues between both the states and even compromising on some issues, he said that the TRS took it as a sign of weakness on the part of the AP government and hatched conspiracies to stall development of the State. “We don’t have any freedom in Hyderabad, which was developed by us in the past 60 years,’’ he stated.

Hitting out at the YSRC over finalising the candidates of the party in Lotus Pond (Jagan’s residence) in Hyderabad, he sought to know how can he aspire for votes here after organising meetings in the neighbouring State.

Naidu warned KCR not to plot against the state or try to exert his dominance by proxy.

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