Bengaluru: When the sleuths of the Income Tax (I-T) department swooped in on the aides of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath and seized Rs 281 crore of unaccounted cash, there was a hullabaloo. The opposition, chiefly the Congress cried hoarse, saying the top BJP leadership (Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah) was using the department at its whims and fancies.

Closer home, in Mandya where elections are being contested hotly, the I-T department conducted several raids on places related to or owned by the close aides of the JD(S) and Congress, the situation was no different. Leaders from both the Congress and JD(S) hit the streets, cried at the top of their voice, saying the top BJP leadership was vindictive and spiteful, using the I-T department to settle scores with the opponents.

These are just two glaring examples of how the opposition parties have incessantly and relentlessly pointed fingers at the BJP over the I-T raids being held, especially, with the national polls in the country.

But if one takes a closer look, which the opposition parties deliberately want to overlook, the I-T department sleuths have given sleepless nights to the BJP leaders and their close aides as well.

For instance, on Tuesday (April 16), the I-T officials raided the house of RV Hegde, president of the rural unit of the BJP, Sirsi (Karnataka). They seized a car and cash for which there were no relevant documents.

On Wednesday (April 17) the I-T officials seized an unaccounted sum of Rs 2 lakh from the close aides of A Manju, the BJP candidate from Hassan. In fact, his close aides have also been arrested by the I-T sleuths in connection with it.

On the same day, the I-T officials also seized an accounted sum of Rs 9.50 lakh from the close aides of another BJP leader.

“Raids are taking place against everybody. None can keep criminal law under abeyance for three months. The I-T department has taken action based on evidence it has received. The allegations of the opposition parties that the BJP is using it to suit its narrative is not only regrettable but also abominable and reprehensible,” said Karnataka BJP spokesperson Sreenath Sheshadri.