New Delhi: Amid the ongoing grapple between the Congress and the BJP over Congress president Rahul Gandhi's citizenship issue, documents released by both the parties have established that Rahul Gandhi opened a company named Backops Limited in the United Kingdom in partnership with an individual named Ulrik Mcknight.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, who had accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of corruption in the purchase of 36 Rafale jets from France, tweeted, “With Rahul Gandhi’s Midas Touch, no deal is too much!”

“When he has a say, his business partners make hay. Doesn’t matter if India suffers on the way! # StealLikeRaga,” his tweet further read.

The BJP president said this while referring to the fact that Congress president's former business partner benefited through the European subsidiaries of an Indian offset partner which was contracted during UPA era.

The co-promoter of Congress president Rahul Gandhi's British firm Backops Limited, UK acquired defence offsets under the UPA regime. Ulrik Mcknight was 35% co-owner of Backops UK, in which Rahul Gandhi owned a majority 65% equity between 2003 and 2009 before the firm was wound up. 

Mcknight later went on to acquire offset contracts from French defence supplier Naval Group against Scorpene submarines in 2011.

Rahul Gandhi in his election affidavit of 2004 declared that he owned 83% shares in this Indian firm and had made a capital investment of Rs 2.50 lakh in the same.

Though the company dissolved later and its last returns were filed in June 2010, Rahul Gandhi's former business partner and his future companies went to benefit from offset contracts given by French defence company.