Jaipur: A 7-member high-level central team was deployed to Rajasthan's capital city Jaipur on Tuesday after 22 cases related to Zika virus were reported from the region. The team is expected to help the state government in bringing the outbreak under control.

National Centre for Disease Control has also set up a control room to carry on regular monitoring of the situation. 

Meanwhile, a senior health ministry official said, "The PMO (Prime Minister's Office) has sought a comprehensive report on the Zika virus outbreak in Jaipur.”

Zika virus, which is spread through mosquitoes, when contaminated do not show much symptoms. However, the few common symptoms of the disease are fever, rash, headache, joint pain, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and muscle pain.

Dos and don'ts to avoid getting infected: 


Do not let water accumulate in your house. Empty all vessels or that may hold water or cover them. Id the utensils are not in use, dispose them.

Keep gutters and drains clean as mosquitoes can thrive there. 

Use mosquito nets for sleeping.

Use mosquito repellent creams and sprays, especially when you are outdoors. 

If infected, have lots of water and take plenty of rest.


As there is no specific medicine for Zika, consult a doctor immediately if you show any of the symptoms. 

Use paracetamol for fever, but avoid aspirin.

Do not touch blood or body fluids of an infected person.

Avoid sexual contact with someone who is infected.