Bengaluru: Zameer Ahmed Khan is now the most sought-after Muslim politician in Karnataka. He was known for making controversial statements against JD(S), his former party, but has reportedly been meeting former Prime Minister and the party chief HD Deve Gowda in recent times. Is this an indication of him returning to JD(S)?

Zameer's followers who keep posting images of such meetings on his personal social media page, Facebook, claim that these meetings stem out of gratitude from Zameer towards Deve Gowda and the meetings are just mere courtesy calls.

"These meetings are out of love and respect. Zameer 'Anna' after becoming minister, visited few times and this is just a courtesy call. People should not add motives to that. Zameer will always remain in the Congress now," said Akhanda Srinivasmurthy, Pulakeshinagar MLA and close confidante of Zameer.

The JD(S) camp also has rubbished claims from the BJP that Zameer will crossover and the JD(S) will cash in on the situation.

The JD(S) national spokesperson Tanveer Ahmed said, "Zameer's meeting with the JD(S) patron is out of courtesy as it is HD Deve Gowda who fielded Zameer from Binnypet Assembly in 2003 by-election from the JD(S) party."

However, the BJP refused to buy this argument from the Congress and JD(S) leaders and said that Zameer is doing this to keep Deve Gowda and chief minister HD Kumaraswamy in good humour to get more fund allocations to his food and civil supplies and minority department.

"You can see how the Karnataka Congress leaders are at the mercy of JD(S). And Zameer is no different.  The JD(S) feels it has lost a minority leader to the Congress as it cannot hope to get more votes and hence they are also using Zameer's personality now keeping the Lok Sabha elections in mind. The JD(S) has felt the absence of a mass Muslim leader," said S Prakash, Karnataka BJP spokesperson.

He further added that Zameer is very intelligent and will use this situation to the fullest and try to deter any further promotion of 'next' Muslim leader in the Congress.

“Zameer's entry is like an exit to the Congress Muslim leaders like Roshan Baig, NA Harris and others. Zameer’s meeting with HD Deve Gowda is nothing but an alert to the Congress that he can cross over anytime if he is not kept happy," he added.