Israel Police visits Kannur, Kerala, each year. The reason behind this is not known to many. Three years ago, Maryan Apparel Pvt Ltd was under the lens of Israel Police. The police uniforms of the Israel police are stitched by Maryan Apparel.

More than 700 workers are present in this company. The procedures for stitching uniforms are quite strict. First, the Israel police tell the Apparel to make a sample of the uniform. Only if the samples are approved by the Israel police, they can start making the uniforms.

More than one lakh uniforms are stitched and sent overseas. Stitching orders from Israel come twice a year. One set of clothes is imported from America and the other is from Mumbai.

The different portions of the uniform are stitched by different sets of people in the company. The emblem for the uniform is also stitched here itself. Last but not the least, the uniforms are ironed and packed in boxes. However, the stringent protocol is not over yet.

Two Israel cops come, check and verify the clothes. If they are not properly stitched or if there are alterations to make in the stitching, the clothes are not packed. Another interesting factor is that 650 workers in the company are women.