The longest lunar eclipse will start at 10.45 Indian Standard time (17.15 UT) on 27 July. The moon will not go dark, but red. That is why it is called Blood Moon. It will be visible only from parts of Antarctica, Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand.

But people all over the world are waiting to see the rarest phenomenon and need not be sad because here are four ways one can watch the live streaming of Blood Moon on various platforms.

1) Slooh

Slooh YouTube channel is like an interface to the outer space. The channel already has many videos on space, asteroids, and galaxy too. Watch the live steaming of Blood Moon at 10.30 PM (IST), 15 minutes before the start of the lunar eclipse.


The website will start live streaming the Blood Moon phenomenon at 11.30 PM (IST).

3) The Virtual Telescope Project is a set of real, robotic telescopes, remotely accessible online. The webcast will start at 12 AM.

4) The Weather Channel

iPhone users can download The Weather Channel( app, where the Blood Moon will be live streamed at 1.30 AM (IST).