Hyderabad: The Hyderabad high court has dismissed the petition filed by P Varavara Rao, who has been accused of plotting the assassination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with four other left activists and alleged underground CPI (Maoist) operatives. They are also accused of inciting violence in Bhima Korengaon. 

The controversial Rao, who heads Virasam, has refuted the charges made against him along with his family. The police took him into custody on Saturday evening.    

Varavara Rao is alleged of being in contact with the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), which has been declared illegal in the the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana for being a front of the CPI (Maoist). 

The transit remands order issued by the chief metropolitan magistrate, in Hyderabad, was dismissed by Hyderabad high court on Friday. The validity of the transit remand was challenged by Rao. The transit remand was issued on August 28 by the lower court demanding the Maharashtra police to bring Rao to Pune for questioning based on his involvement in the case. He could not be arrested at that time in Hyderabad as it was late at night. 

The Pune police took him into custody on Saturday at 9.15 PM.      

While addressing the press earlier, Rao said that they were being framed and that the letter presented as proof was forged. The writer of this letter is identified as ‘R’. It also stated how Rs 8 crore was required to buy a M-4 rifle and Rs 4 lakh to execute the plan.