Mangaluru: The cops have taken effective measures to ensure that no untoward incident occurs on Valentine's Day. As many as 500 police personnel have been deployed in the city just for the day.

Two deputy commissioners of police, 4 assistant commissioners of police, 16 inspectors and sub-inspectors, 2 constables and 450 men have been deployed as a precautionary and security measure. They have deployed patrols throughout the city to ensure that law and order is maintained.

Many groups throughout the state have expressed opposition for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. However in Mangaluru, no such opposition has been expressed so far by any organisation or by any persons related to it.

The deployment comes because of past incidents like the pub that was attacked in the year 2009. A group of 30 men barged into a pub in Mangaluru and beat up women stating that they were violating traditional values. The incident even led to two women being hospitalised. 

Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik was accused of being the person behind this attack. Muthalik was exterminated from the district for about a year after the attack. However, almost a decade after the incident, Justice Manjunath acquitted 25 of 30 men, including Muthalik, for lack of evidence. Two of the five accused are dead and trial is pending with respect to the other three. Upon hearing the verdict, an elated Muthalik stated that he and the Sri Ram Sene have emerged victorious.