Another important revelation in Munna Bajrangi murder case has been unvealed, with the police claiming that Rs 10-crore supari changed hands to kill the notorious mafia don inside Baghpat jail. 

A senior police officer who is investigating this case explained that a gangster-turned-politician from Eastern Uttar Pradesh might have given Rs 10-crore supari to kill Bajrangi. 

The policemen said they had come across transactions of Rs 7 crore and 3 crores from two banks in Jaunpur, just a day before Bajrangi was shot dead inside the Baghapt jail by Sunil Rathi.

The police have inquired account details from the two banks about the transactions, just a day before the dramatic murder, to verify if the money was used for the contract killing of Bajrangi.

The police hinted that the two accounts were indirectly linked to another mafia don-turned-politician from Eastern UP, who also belongs to Jaunpur. Bajrangi's wife Seema Singh had taken his name and alleged he was behind the murder of her husband along with others.

The former MP was annoyed with Bajrangi's plan to contest in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls from Jaunpur. Both were having an old rivalry over growing their rackets in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. A few months back, a shooter of Bajrangi was killed in Lucknow by the men of mafia don-turned-politician.

During his investigation, Rathi had told the police that he had entered into an impassioned argument with Bajrangi who had also thrown abuses at that politician. 

Police alleged that a jail prisoner shared that Rathi had received a call on his mobile soon after the fight and after talking to the caller he returned to fire indiscriminately on Bajrangi from his pistol.

Police said that Bajrangi's two photographs, soon after his murder, were sent out by Rathi from his mobile, maybe to the caller who had given the contract to confirm that Bajrangi was killed. They went viral on the social media.

The investigating team is however reticent about Rathi's mobile and how he carried the gun with him inside the jail with two extra magazines and 22 live cartridges.

The Yogi Adityanath government on 13 July directed for moving of Sunil Rathi to Fatehgarh Central Jail from Baghpat district jail, where he had shot dead mafia don Munna Bajrangi.