New Delhi: To check crimes against women and harassment cases, Auraiya police in Uttar Pradesh have initiated a special drive, under which such offenders are booked under the stringent Goondas Act and banished from the district for six months.

Cops have banished almost 60 such offenders who cannot return to their home or meet their friends and relatives living in the district. The move has not only helped in increasing the sense of security among women but has also resulted in an effective decline in crime cases.

After Yogi Adityanath became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the police started an anti-Romeo squad to protect women from stalkers and eve-teasers. The move received a lot of appreciation but at the same time was criticised for inhumane measures.

Talking about the innovative initiative, Triveni Singh, SP, Auraiya said, “Most of the people involved in harassment cases are repeat offenders. It is very difficult for victims to see their harassers around. So, to give more sense of security we decided to book all such offenders under the stringent Goondas Act and banish them from the district.”

The cops claim that they are trying to make schools and colleges zero-trouble-zone. “Offenders cannot come or meet any of their friends and relative. This has given a lot of respite to girls going to schools and colleges,” Singh said.

According to the police, the operation has also helped in reducing the cases of crime against women. “We have seen almost a dip of 50% in molestation cases. Banishing criminals have worked as a deterrent in controlling crime,” he explained.