New Delhi: Unable to bear the expenses to raise his six-year-old son, a man allegedly strangulated him. According to the police, the shocking incident took place in a flat in Rohini on Saturday. 

The accused father, identified as 46-year-old Vinod, was working as a sales executive for a dairy product distributor. However, he lost his job after the company shut down. 

“He lost his job after the shop shut down. Later, his wife who was suffering from cancer died in 2017. Vinod claimed that he tried to run his family consisting of two persons including his son but he failed. He also owes money to some persons,” a police official added.

Police claimed that Vinod himself told about his crime to his landlord. “On Saturday Vinod went on the first floor where his landlord residing and told him that he has killed his son by strangulating him. He also told him that he was unable to meet the expenses,” the official added.

According to reports, after informing the landlord about his crime he rushed back to his room on the second floor and locked himself. 

The landlord informed the neighbours and Vijay Vihar police station officials at 11.10 am. 

When the police arrived at the spot, the accused opened the doors and they recovered the body of the child. The father was arrested thereafter.

During interrogation, Vinod told police that after he lost his job, he was being unable to take care of his son's needs and hence killed him. 

The Police are currently probing if he killed his son out of rage or if the murder was planned. They are also trying to find out if the accused was really under debt. 

(With inputs from PTI)