New Delhi: Twitter meltdown of Rahul Gandhi’s aide Divya Spandana To Divya Spandana, social media head of the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the feet of the Statue of Unity looks like a bird dropping. This was not the first atrocious tweet of the woman given the charge of projecting a favourable image of India’s oldest party. She is a repeat offender. But more about it later.

The Twitter message posted at 9:21 AM on Thursday was so outrageous, even a star anchor of the usual suspect among defenders of the offenders, NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan, could not desist from issuing a mild rebuke.

Another usual suspect Rajdeep Sardesai wouldn’t be left behind in asking the lady to exercise some restraint.

Spandana’s tweet with a morphed image of the Prime Minister where the latter is depicted painting the word “chor” (thief) on the forehead of his wax statue is still fresh in public memory.

Days before that, Spandana had shared the mischievously edited 29-second clip from an interview of Modi with Rajiv Shukla that had actually more than an hour long, broadcast years ago by Doordarshan in two episodes of the programme “Ru Ba Ru”. The clip ends right after Modi, who was then a general secretary of the BJP, saying that he had studied up to the high school. In that interview, Modi had elaborated later that he had pursued higher education in the subsequent years, a pursuit that ended with a postgraduate degree in political science. Obviously, that part of the interview is not convenient for the Congress.

What makes the tweet above shameless — rather than misinformed — is the fact that this is a settled debate. Scores of Twitter users, like the one quoted below, had shared the subsequent seconds and minutes of the video where Modi is heard clarifying that he obtained his BA and MA as an external examinee.

The former actress Ramya, who had announced she was quitting the film industry in 2013, seems not to have had enough drama in her life. Ramya aka Divya Spandana was an MP from Mandya constituency who replaced Deepinder Hooda, the founder of the Congress’s IT wing, in May 2017. While we Indians do have a semblance of a sense of humour left in us to laugh at Spandana’s comical takes on petrol price rise, demonetisation and any other policy decision of the Modi government that the Congress objects to, she is often caught oblivious of the line she must not cross.

One doubts, of course, that the Congress will be embarrassed about Spandana’s ‘excesses’. After all, once she took over the charge of the party’s social media department, suddenly ‘people’ from across the world started retweeting Rahul Gandhi’s tweets! Did you say those were bots? What’s that?

We, the outraged people, must get lost — Divya Spandana brazens it out.