Biwani: At a time when the government is struggling to convince the opposition to make a law against triple talaq, yet another shocking case has surfaced in Biwani district of Haryana, where a woman has been sent a letter of divorce by her husband who is in the Army.

The victim, living with her father, made a complaint to the police against her husband who used to torture her for dowry. When she asked him for money to support her monthly expenditures, he sent her a letter of divorce. 

The victim got married on December 17, 2015, in Durbaar colony of Tosham bypass in Bhiwani, Haryana to Mandeep, a resident of Rajgarh village located at Julana area of Jind district. Mandeep works in the army.

Allegedly, Mandeep and his family have been harassing the woman for dowry ever since the marriage. Fed up with the constant taunts, the woman has been living with her father for the past two years and three months. When she asked for money from Mandeep for her household expenses, Mandeep sent her a letter of divorce instead of giving her any money.

The victim says that her husband had beat her up and thrown her out of the house after his demand of getting a car as dowry was not met with.

The woman’s mother said that she had married her daughter off happily, but now she does not know what to do.

According to police reports, the victim has registered a case of dowry and torture against her husband and 13 other people. Mandeep is currently employed in Srinagar and the police have informed his circle officer of the incident. 

However, it has been almost a year since Mandeep has sent a letter of triple talaq to his wife. A case has been registered after the problem could not be resolved domestically.