Nagpur: The controversial tigress Avni killing seems to have come to an end. The Maharashtra forest department has closed the case charged against the shooter Asghar Ali Khan in the tigress Avni shooting case.

According to reports, the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra Yavatmal division assistant manager, and investigating officer VS Sarpe wrote a letter to the Hyderabad police commissioner stating that the case of tigress Avni has been "investigated, resolved and closed". 

Speaking exclusively to MyNation,  Asghar Ali Khan's father Nawab Shafath Ali Khan said, "Earlier, the investigation had no complete findings. How can I be a part of an organisation without having a license? When all these documents were scrutinised, all the allegations reduced."

"Yes, the forest division has done a detailed investigation now, and whatever they have found, are correct. In the initial reports, there were a lot of rumours and speculation, which led to a lot of confusion," Asghar Ali added.

Also, an official, on the condition of anonymity, spoke to MyNation and said, "The National Tiger Conservative Authority (NTCA) has given a report against the findings. The third-party investigation clearly states that it was intentional."

However, Nawab said, "All of them want to protect the tiger. But, people and tigers cannot live together. We need to have a balanced policy. If the tigers are protected in an area, people who live in that area should also be protected from the tigers. We need to safeguard the people and the tigers."

Nonetheless, several activists, who held protests in Bengaluru to bring justice to Avni's shooting, say that the Maharashtra government did not take their stand, and that they would further push forward to re-initiate the probe.