Uttar Pradesh Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MLA Surendra Singh, during an interaction with journalists, sounded satisfied with the law and order situation of his State. Speaking on the issue of a spate of encounters in Uttar Pradesh since the day the Yogi Adityanath government was sworn in, he said that criminals and citizens not abiding by the law are the target of police encounters.

On the issue of 26% increase in the incidents of rape, in a comment that has been selectively quoted in a section of the media, Singh said, "Badhana, ghatana aap ki lekhni men hai aur aap ki vaani men hai. Asli baat police vibhaag se milega. Bilkul nahin badha hai (the increase or decrease in these incidents can be found in the writings and speeches of journalists alone. The real statistics is with the police alone. (The fact is that) the numbers have not risen)."

Invoking the divine, the MLA added, "Main daawe ke saath kah sakta hoon ki Bhagwan Ram bhi aa jaayenge... to yeh ghatnaon par niyantran kar pana sambhav nahin hai (I am sure even if Lord Rama were to descend on earth today, such incidents cannot be brought under control)."

"Samaj ka swabhavik pradooshan hai (it's a natural decline of society)," the MLA said, trying to explain the reason for the incidents of rape. "Swabhavik pradooshan se koi bhii vanchit rahne waala nahin hai (nobody can escape from the effect of this natural decline)."

Singh prescribed social and cultural reform as a solution to the crimes against women: Ismen sabhi abhibhavakon ka aur sabhi putriyon ka, sabhi bahnon ka aur sabhi putron ka yah dharm hai ki samaj ke sabhi logon ko apna parivar samajh kar ke; sabhi ko apna bahan samajh kar apne dharm ka paalan karna chahiye. Sanskar ke bal par hii is par niyantran hoga; samvidhan ke bal par iska niyantran nahin hoga. (It's the duty of every guardian, every daughter, every sister and every son that they treat whole society as family and treat all girls as members of one's family. The right culture alone can bring an end to these crimes. It is beyond the Constitution)."